DIY: bentonite clay mask

Easy DIY bentonite clay face mask, great for detoxifying your skin so you can start glowing! Click through to read more about it >>

20 Self-Care Activities For Your Health and Well-Being

Self-Care Activities For Your Health and Well-Being More

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Learn how to take better care of yourself and why it's called self-care - not selfish! If you struggle with codependency, self-care is a challenge. To read more click the image.

Vibrational Manifestation Positive affirmations for getting over anxiety. Law of attraction. Self love and self trust. - Bird Watcher Reveals Controversial Missing Link You Need to Know To Manifest The Life You've Always Dreamed Of

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

"How do you practice self-care? I lay out my favourite ways and challenge you to carve time out of your day to take care of yourself.

How I Use Mind Mapping to Help Declutter My Brain

Really interesting thought provoking post about the power of mind mapping: plotting out a framework on which to hang your thoughts. Just like the power of tidying and decluttering your house, mind mapping feels incredibly satisfying and freeing.

So…about self care It’s a struggle to take care of myself everyday. As a habitual helper and fixer, I spend precious hours of my time making sure that most, if not all of the people around me…

This Japanese Healing Mask “Wipes Off” The Years Off Your Face

This Japanese Healing Mask “Wipes Off” The Years Off Your Face: The vitamin B which is in the content of this face mask can improve the blood flow, stimulates regeneration of cells and stops the early aging of skin.

How To Have The Ultimate Self Care Day

Skincare is a huge part of my every day life but I definitely like to splurge on my skin when it comes to having the ultimate self care day!

How To Make Turmeric Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Make your own natural DIY toothpaste with this easy t make natural, 3 ingredient, turmeric coconut oil toothpaste recipe!

What Matters :: Getting In The Word

4 Communication Tips to Improve Any Relationship -- As you find yourself in the middle of a conflict with a loved one, colleague, or child, consider these four communication principles!

81 Self-Care Ideas for When You Don't Want to Leave the House

Wow these self care ideas are so quick and easy. I could do all of these self care ideas every day.


The extensive must-have list for newbie and experienced bloggers. Click through and check out everything I -hope- you're already utilizing! >>

31 Small Ways To Make Self-Care A Daily Practice

31 Small Ways To Make Self-Care A Daily Practice (Notes from Joana)