• Kathie Luther

    Love My Friends

  • Alexis Burton♡

    i was just thinking today about what amazing friends i have. They are exactly what this quote says. Yes, they annoy me most times but they are the best group of friends i could ever ask for. Thank you @Maddie DeBaun for being my sister, through everything, i love you sissy. Thank you @John Searles McKown for being there for me since 1st grade, yeah we have had our ups and downs, but i couldnt ask for a better guy bestfriend than you. & for dealing with me and Maddie! that takes real talent!

  • Evelina Radlinskaitė

    Real friends doing this...

  • Gina Janae Legra

    A true friend!!!

  • Amy Pate

    A friend is ... Shared by Positive Inspiration Quotes on facebook www.facebook.com/...

  • Alisha Sharma

    Quotes On Friendship , Quotes About Friendship , Friendship, Friendship Quotes , Best Friend Quotes

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