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The MOTHERLOAD of Tips for Flying with a Toddler

The MOTHERLOAD of Tips for Flying with a Toddler | Where The Smiles Have Been. EVERYTHING is covered here....what to pack, seating choices, tips for going through security, where to change diapers. Every parent needs to check this out before traveling with their toddler!

Baby Travel Essentials and Toddler Travel Tips For Flying

Airplane flying travel essentials for a baby and toddler will ensure that you have a smoother journey with this post is packed full of tips to make sure mom is prepared! As a seasoned traveler (minimum of 8 international flights with kids a year) this is what I have learned...

60 Travel Friendly (and TSA Friendly) Healthy Toddler Foods

(This post contains affiliate links) I am frequently being asked about healthy food options that one can get through security with for toddlers and children. It’s no secret that airport and airplane food is…

Traveling with a Toddler - A Packing Checklist

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7 tips for helping babies, toddlers, and kids with jet lag

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