draw with elmer's glue, let dry, and paint over any color

Outline in glue. Watercolor paints. Fun idea

How to make a wood grain stamp with a hot glue gun.. so easy!

crayon in a hot glue gun

Splatter paint canvas. Simple DIY art—simply spread the colors all over however you like

Alum foil over dried, raised glue and wiped down with shoe polish. Imagine doing this with one of our word art designs. Could be cool! :)

Elmers Glue Art

Elmer's glue on canvas. then paint over it.

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt!! Easy! looks cool, do on canvas, incorporate colours u want in ur room. Jellyfish look?

Buy a cheap clock, hot glue fabric rosettes around it... Don't love the flowers, but it's a great tip to use whatever one likes!

Use Elmer's glue to draw the design then paint over it. They sell these large cardboard letters at Joann's!

Draw a design on a canvas with a pencil, then with Elmer's glue. When the glue is dry, paint over it.

Paper Quilt

Make your own chalkboard paint in any color you want

Wait.. what??? I always see sheets that I wish were curtains because theyre cheaper! Hot glue ribbon tabs to turn a bed sheet into a no-sew curtain. Genius!

photo transfers onto canvas

Cs: Inspired by pinterest, this is the one I made!

Stones glued to felt = hot pad Love this! I would want to make place mats too!


glue, foil, and something brown like shoe polish