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    draw with elmer's glue, let dry, and paint over any color

    Draw a design on a canvas with Elmer's glue, then paint and hang on the wall for an instant pizzazz in your dorm.

    Glue wooden letters onto a canvas and spray paint.

    Stick a crayon in a hot glue gun, and see what happens -- I need a hot glue gun and crayons. So many ideas, right there.

    Outline in glue. Watercolor paints. Fun idea

    DIY of the day: glue art I'm totally doing the puff paint on a blank canvas. I'm thinking about painting over it with turquoise. Should be fun!

    Alum foil over dried, raised glue and wiped down with shoe polish. Imagine doing this with one of our word art designs. Could be cool! :)

    Decorate an old plain frame with glue, let it dry, then paint over it so it looks like carvedwood!

    Buy a cheap clock, hot glue fabric rosettes around it... Don't love the flowers, but it's a great tip to use whatever one likes!

    yarn dipped in watered-down glue and wrapped around a balloon. pop the balloon when dry.

    Use glue, salt, and watercolor. The glue makes the colors rise from the paper and the salt creates a 'starburst' look.

    I don't know about you, but this looks rad and I could easily make something like this in a couple hours tops. Looks like they used the sea star outline. Its got me thinking.

    Outlining glue with sharpie before using water colors.

    Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt

    use Elmer's glue to draw the design on cardboard letters from michaels then paint with metal paint. These look pricey, but they're so cheap! 2

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    How To Make Stencils With Hot Glue - Today I will show you how to make art stencils using hot glue.stencils. They cling well to the paper and keep ink from seeping under.

    DIY Painting

    Take flowery doils and put them on a canvas spray paint the canvas any color let paint dry and peel off doils