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"Oh............ you're home early." here to find out more

➤ See the best Facebook fan page for Pinterest Humor! #funny

Make this your friend's wallpaper when they leave the room. #sneaky #rude :)

The day that Albert Einstein feared may have finally arrived.

Every time you hear this song, tell me you don't think of me and my mad dance skills!!! Lol

Even when they knew 5 minutes ago I don't, they still ask.

Then stomp away. True Story: I got mad at the bf one night and in a fit of rage I threw my phone on the ground...but it wasn't the ground and I threw it incredibility hard onto my laptop.Now I have a lovely cracked screen :) So it's not always good to throw it on the ground, whatever "it" is...

Got my phone taken away by my teacher. Got it back like this.

i remember how cool i thought i was when i got this phone. haha.

"Scrapbook Every Day Changes because Change Happens Every Day". An inspiring article on scrapbooking based on the evolution of mobile phones by Mary Gunn FUNN.

This is How You Prevent Your iPhone From Being Stolen

Future kids will wonder...kinda upsetting that's what will happen...Haha whatever