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Level up your grades… (Great poster, except for the missing apostrophe in "its")....need to show this to my kid

Level up your grades…

Pokemon encouragement classroom grade poster- magikarp to gyarados "your grades. Your potential. Take the time to level up your grades"

Move your eyes around the white dots do you see the black dots on the others until you look at them?

This one is crazy, I keep seeing white and then black dots. : ) PatternStore Bold graphic gifts Black and White Optical Illusion

Interesting Theory about Pokemon... Wait What ?!? .. Ash isn't Real !?! .. 'o.0' !!!

Interesting theory about Pokemon

How well do you know the Pokemon #games? Includes every single #Pokemon, from Red/Blue/Yellow all the way to X and Y!

Do you know the Pokemon games?

Its not that bad though, they only use them in patterns. Once you get the hang of it, you'll know what to expect, so you can take advantage of it so you won't waste your strongest attack, or to heal yourself.

Some more Pokemon pictures (credits to Mother of Mew)

fictional adversary homicide happens when the opposing gym leader uses a full restore at moments like this.

Omg I never knew there was an amusement park all about pokemon. I want to go NOW. Drop everything we are going to Japan.

I never knew there was an amusement park all about pokemon. Drop everything we are going to Japan.

"Team Rocket were the good guys" I have SO MANY THINGS to say to the person who believe's this is true.... As true as it may sound it leaves out a lot of different story points...

The real truth behind Team Rocket. I always wanted to join Team Rocket as a kid. I always knew.

Hahaha, yeah, we all reach that point with legendaries....

Yea lol I was trying to catch that new legendary in Pokémon sun (not solgaleo) and I swear I used so many fricken ultra balls. And I was all like " fricken legendary u will like my ultra ball and u will stay in there u idiot)