Short People Problems

Short people problems.


Ah, the fluffy hug. No thanks.

Short People Problems: somehow, I ALWAYS try to hug people like that...doesn't work very well. This happens to me too! And I'm a hugger and all.... but my nose normally ends up near their armpit.

10-year-old at a restaurant: "How old are you?" Me: "19" (at the time) Kid: Wow! You're as tall as I am! That's SAD!!!

this sucks!

#fangirlproblems All the time.

Story of my life "You must only weigh like *** pounds" Yeah but i have to fit it all into a smaller frame, ugh...

hahaha i make Gunnar squat down to my height all the time so he can understand things he doesnt get from being so tall!

Seriously!!! This is the MOST annoying thing about being short...ugh.

I'm taller than my BFF but she uses me as her armrest. It only can be me too. She tried on Jennie but she was too tall and she tried on my other bff. She's like nope. It has to be Elly. I'm like IM TALLER. HOW AM I AN ARMREST.

Short People Problem: Tall people blocking...

HAHAHA! SO true!


Short People Problems

Hate it.

all the time!

Short People Problems

I actually have a story about this one: I was with two tall friends in a wave pool and after about 30 minutes I asked to go in because I was tired and they were like "...Oh can't reach"

This is so annoying! And people telling me I don't need to exercise because I'm tiny. Just because I'm petite doesn't mean I don't have a muffin top!