Linus Market Bag & Satchel

bike pack

la: as a cyclist... I would love to design something like this, but that you can rip off your bike and wear like the M0851 leather clutch I have. Multi-functional, and beautiful. (This is made by Linus, and the tag/branding of 'Linus' on the bike accessory looks scary.)

Oh to ride in Paris on the way to the market.

Linus Dutchi-1 Bike by Linus @Luvocracy | In green!

Linus Roadster in Cream

Linus Pannier. Linus bike bag

Linus Market Bag, Sand [$139.99]

linus headlamp

Brooks Challenge Tool Bag Honey MED $99.99

Linus Market Bag - in action (click to get a better idea of how much these panniers can hold, and their attachment system)

Canvas and Leather Panniers, Laplander Bags

dear Lord - it's perfection. Spendy, spendy perfection. women's riding coat. Designed for your whole day. From the bike commute, to lunch out with colleagues, to a glass of wine with friends before heading home. Designed for Seattle. For the wet weather and short days of our winters, and for our rather hilly journeys to work.

Linus Market Bag

I love the color and style of this vintage bike.

Linus sac pannier

a.p.c. striped weekend bag

Mixte 3 by Linus. Classic mixte frame but no chain guard. Good for picking up market vegetables along the canal streets in Amsterdam.

linus roadster classic $389

market bag