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genius! 24 Survival Tips for Living Alone - even if you don't live alone, some of these tips are good to know! #12 is amazing!

How to break out of zip ties. Every girl should know this!

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43 Amazingly simple but genius ideas to use and reuse stuff | eHow

Haha never again will they be tangled!!!

That Oreo thing just changed my life.

Im sorry, WHY have I never thought about this?! Mind blown!

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Easy long-term food storage for a variety of staples: rice, beans, grains (like polenta & cream of wheat) and sugar. Buy in bulk, store in clean empty bottles and use what you need as you need it! They are water and air tight and keep bugs out! 1 and 2 liter sizes are great for trading too! Click for full article.

Just in case this tragedy befalls to fix a cracked glad I found this!

Safety Tips for Women – I read articles like this all the time and a couple of these tips were new to me! Good to know! Common Sense Safety Tips - Cosmopolitan

Amazing braid. Need to make a bracelet like this

Put a few 20 dollars bills in the album a year and give it to your child as a graduation gift. That way you don't drain your bank account as graduation gets closer, you have already started saving for it since the birth!

Nifty little ideas to keep on hand!

Some amazing "Did You Knows"

Life hacks. If only I could remember them all...