INEEDIT. Approximate size is 6 inches x 3.5 inches and has a perfect pocket size.

Handmade River Song's Journal; Etsy's such a good place for this kind of stuff. Way better quality then the officially licensed one.

River Song's TARDIS journal. $9.99 :o

Dr. Who shoes

Doors to Adventure:  which one will you enter?

Moff-hemian Rhapsody. This is just great.

Sherlock - I just thought this was so cute!

Tardis rug #doctorwho #tardis

SHERLOCK BBC 221 B Door NEW Small Messenger by ConsultingFanGeeks, $29.99

Just when you thought you'd seen enough Sherlock otter pictures.

This. Is. A. Drawing.

Iron Man iPhone case. I would get an iPhone just to own this case.

Love this idea. You know Moriarty is hamming it up, but John won't repeat it like that.

Sherlock (BBC) - Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty #IBelieveInSherlockHolmes

I love this

I can't deal with this.

The Sherlock fandom strikes again.

do you want to play deductions? Sherlock-Frozen mushup