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soul mates ♡ and they just love you. not in spite of your flaws, but because you are just you and that's all they've been looking for. you.

I can't even begin to think of how to explain the way that I feel when I look up to see you standing there. Especially when you are looking at me first and our eyes meet for a second - a second that is just filled with the most intimate innocence of love

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God Grant Me The Serenity Prayer Inspirational 16"x 8" Wood Plaque

Beautiful Amish made signs and plaques provide daily inspirational messages of encouragement, hope, and family values. Designed to fit well into the home décor these signs will help shape, guide and motivate .

Sums it up perfectly. I'll always love my ex-husband, and at one time we were perfect for each other. But now he gave up on me, and nothing would work if he wasn't willing to try. I just don't know him anymore, and what I do know, I don't like. At all.

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21 Unforgettable Advices on Love Relationships.

I never saw you coming. We don't have a relationship or anything, but somehow there's something between us. Weather or not we want to see or admit it we do. I am in love with you.