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    Viking burial mask

    Death mask of Mary Queen of Scots. She was very beautiful and it is said that Queen Elizabeth was jealous of her beauty.

    A spoof on the annual Odin is Santa Claus (or on mushrooms) posts that show up.

    vegvisir - A pure viking blog This photo was taken by Wictoria Nordgaard

    Map of Viking ship finds in Norway. There are said to be hundreds of unexcavated ship burials in Scandinavia. 36

    The Faustian Cross ~ The physical manifestation of a lesser daemon, bound in a wooden cross by Jacob Petersson.

    Instead of decomposing normally, bodies buried in the tombs beneath the cathedral in Venzone, Italy were perfectly preserved and still recognizable decades later, a fact which led the townspeople to periodically retrieve and commune with their dead loved ones. In modern times, scientists finally traced the source of this wonder to Hypha tombicina, a microscopic, parasitic fungus that rapidly dehydrates the bodies before decomposition can even begin.

    Helena Gray and a sword that once belonged to a Viking warrior. He came to Scotland over 1,000 years ago and never left. Artifacts found within his 5 metre tomb include a boat, axe, spear, shield and sword. | CFA Archaeology Ltd.

    A 10th-century Mjölnir from Odeshog, Sweden.

    Very cool site - they do their research, then make the stuff to sell!!

    Melting glacier revealing what? ## Not sure if this a genuine image, but sure does look very intriguing!!

    Authentic plague doctor mask, 14th century, Germany

    The above photo recently appeared in the paranormal section of The OP writes: “This picture was taken of a nurse’s viewing monitor. On the monitor, this black figure appeared standing on top of the patient who was lying in the bed.The patient died within a few hours of this figure appearing.”

    Brooches of the Viking era Urnes Style

    According to Viking myth, the goddess Freyja introduced the art of seiðr (fate-magic, shamanism) and the art of conquering death to both humans and other gods alike.

    Protected by the Æsir #Vikings #Asatru

    Fascinating discussion of a boat burial of four people in Kaupang, Norway, early tenth century. Illustration by Þórhallur Þráinsson, © Neil Price

    Viking Animal Art Pendant cast in Bronze - this is 10th Century JELLINGE Style Norse Viking Knotwork for $44.99 with free shipping. I loved the sterling silver version of this pendant so much I had the artists create these beautiful pendants in bronze. When I received the first order of this pendant I was amazed with the quality and beautiful shine. I now prefer this lovely animal art pendant in bronze (but the silver is still lovely as well!)

    Rare 9th-10th century Viking jewelry.