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  • Christina Tipton

    Dirty Dozen & Clean 15- eating organic on a budget!

  • Doran Fitness

    List of the Top 12 must buy organic foods and "bottom" 15 that are safe to buy conventionally. The dirty dozen are the 12 fruits and veggies with the highest chemical/pesticide usage and the clean 15 are the ones with the lowest chemicals.

  • american flavor latin spice

    Cheat sheet for the Dirty dozen... Always buy organic if possible, but of you can't afford it, buy the dirty dozen in organic.

  • Nancy Messnick

    Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen - Organic food list

  • Heather Haupt {Cultivated Lives}

    absolutely. I usually don't have it in my budget to buy much organic. When I can't I soak my veggies in water with a bit of vinager to get as much dirt/pesticides off and we munch away! :) I have found that the cost difference between organic and regular for apples and potatoes at least isn't that different.

  • Stephanie Rhoades
    Stephanie Rhoades • 3 years ago

    Um hello corn is full of genetically modified organisms... and corn is in any processed food just about. Pesticides are on it all. BUY it all ORGANIC or use a local Famer's Market if you don't want to end up with cancer.

  • Kristen Taylor
    Kristen Taylor • 3 years ago

    A must to shop with!

  • Suzanne Matulis Doll
    Suzanne Matulis Doll • 3 years ago

    This is very helpful.

  • Sherry Fruge
    Sherry Fruge • 3 years ago

    I agree w/Stephanie..... corn and soy beans are the two biggest GMO's grown in USA and are in a large % of processed foods. New studies are showing genetic changes in human organs. This study doesn't even show the changes of the "good" micro organisms in our digestive tract. We can only imagine (for now) how these organisms are being affected.

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