Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas

Cave diving in Bahamas

Diving in Dan's Cave on Abaco - Bahamas

Cave Diving - The Bahamas Photo Source: National Geographic By: Jackie Bigford

Playful dolphins in Bahamas. I got an opportunity to swim with the Dolphins. It was amazing, truly a dream come true!!!


The Neversink Pit. A limestone sinkhole in Alabama, USA

Atlantis Aquarium ; Nassau ; Bahamas

Antelope Canyon, Arizona- After you squeeze into the canyon you're met with a metal ladder to help you get to the bottom. Before the ladder was installed travelers had to rappel to the bottom, and there wouldn't be any way to get out of the canyon at the opposite end without a ladder. Photo by Travis Burke.

holy heaven

Balloon ride over Cappadocia - Turkey

Great Wall of China - 1 of the wonders of the World . Also the only structure on Earth that can be seen from the Moon .

Positano, Campania, Italy

St. Lucia

Done this!!