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hahaha this is funny more funny pics on facebook:

laundry room with tons of shelving & storage, and "wrapping station"… not a fan of the flooring.

Pretty much my exact reaction pahahaha!

Was one of the first things I considered.

Sing, not because you're amazing at it, or you think maybe you'll be famous oneday. Don't do it to annoy little sibs. DO IT BECAUSEYOU LOVE IT, NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS SAY.

I really need to make a sign like this for over my laundry room door.

An easier and cheaper alternative to the "laundry basket dresser" that's been going around pinterest-- just install shelving hardware and slide your baskets on!

Affordable Home Improvement Ideas: The Family Handyman. I need a rod to hang clothes, but first, I need a bigger laundry room. Next house is a must!!

Actually have this hanging next to the front door to remind the children and grandchildren. . . before they head into the unsuspecting world!

No one wants to toss a perfectly good shirt because of a stain that won't come out! Next time, try these tried & true techniques for removing almost any stain. From blueberries to wine, these simple steps will keep your laundry looking good as new. There's even a cute printable cheat sheet to hang in your laundry room!

This is especially funny to me today, since one of our two washers died, and we now have to keep clean clothes on 10 people with one washer.