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A chart to organize classroom expectations. I think the arrow needs to be modified - but a easy adaptation to a CHAMPS idea. Very quick and easy way to set expectations.

*FREE* Quick and easy notes to staple to unfinished work. Each note has a quick checklist, so that the teacher may note why the student has unfinished work. A blank has been provided for additional reasons/notes. #TpT

An Ethical Islandfrom An Ethical Island

Please, I need you to participate…

27 ways to increase participation

Scholastic Teachersfrom Scholastic Teachers

30 Classroom Procedures to Head Off Behavior Problems

List of 30 procedures to remember to teach at the start of the year. Good list even for veteran teachers.

Quiet Critters want to sit on your desk, see what you're doing, and get smarter. (Could remove them from the chatty students; those who still have their "critter" at the end of the "quiet" time could turn it in for a small reward.) Can't find it on the blog, but it's not needed with the explanation above.

Set up classroom transitions to music that happen automatically. Keeps you on time while also providing fun transitions for students! I LOVE THIS:)

Sheet for when kids come in after play stressed about 'issues' that have happened outside. Good to keep as a record, for giving some 'cool down' time, getting all sides of the story and also allows teaching to continue uninterrupted, 'til you're ready to deal with it

The beginning of the school year is a hectic time! But it is important to teach active listening skills to your students. The time taken to model and teach these listening skills will be rewarded with students who understand and can demonstrate active listening. It will make your teaching easier, and ensure more effective learning as well!

KindergartenWorksfrom KindergartenWorks

classroom management (flight) plan {printable

Free behavior bracelets let parents know their child did great!

STOP- "Please stop what you are doing and make a better choice" behavior reminders to place on student desks when needed. Includes a link to print these out.

positive reinforcement (no treasure box!) I do something like this in my classroom and it is AMAZING how motivated the kids are to earn the "coupons" from "Mrs. Fuller's Coupon Box." Top pick by 2nd graders, "lunch with the teacher." Just a warning, if you don't want to eat lunch with your students a couple times a week, don't give that as an option! haha.

Give each kid three sticks. Each time a kid talks out of turn, take a stick away. Lose all three and talk out of turn again, get a red stick. Each red stick = lose 5 mins of recess (or whatever consequence you choose). Hmm.... Something to consider.

Instead of "I can't" or "I Don't Know" or "I don't get.." (post by the meeting area for easy reference!)