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Je ne veux pas travailler ..

Balconies / Saint Tropez, France

Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera




Gaiola Bridge, Naples, Italy

Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia.

Museum of Natural History / London. By martinturner on flickr

Valley of Ten Peaks by Sarah Fischler - Banff National Park, Canada


memoirs of a geisha

Downton Abbey

Midnight in Paris


"Listen. Listen to me very carefully. I live in London, a gorgeous, vibrant, historic city that I happen to love living in. You live in New York, which is highly overrated... But since the Atlantic Ocean is a bit wide to cross every day, swimming, boating or flying, I suggest we flip for it... And if those terms are unacceptable, leaving London will be a pleasure, as long as you're waiting for me on the other side". - Charlie, Letters to Juliet

The Godfather

Cars 2

the notebook

Midnight in Paris