Wave oil painting

"I try to paint the sound of the sea" - See more at: http://www.curiouspeeps.net/feature/maggi-hambling


Highrise Wave 9x 6 original oil painting by vladimirmesheryakov, $199.99

Beautiful Tutorials

map art- Beautiful Wow this moved me to silence. i cant believe how much i want this.

Still some of the most amazing artwork I have ever seen. The patience and talent behind is magnificent

Jason de Graaf - hyperrealist painter

art that brings the ocean to me

Patrick Bremer

I want to paint like this <3

maia negre, truly an amazing artist.

Moussin Irjan

Painting by James Nares. He suspends himself over the canvas to create one continuous stroke with a large brush.

Birch Oil Painting - Silver Birch Tree Palette Knife Landscape from Nizamas.

Starry Night, Van Gough

Butterfly Paintings | ... -painting-decorative-painting--butterfly-painting-picture-font-b.jpg

Painting tips and a source of information on how to paint ocean scenes, lighthouse instruction and a how to paint ocean scenes video. This is...

Watercolor art by Lia Melia ...

Oil Paintings by Andre Kohn Oil paint is my favourite to work with, you can see the amazing results people can create with it.

Painting of a mountain, makes me wish I could paint like this. :)