Wave oil painting

"I try to paint the sound of the sea"

wave watercolor

Highrise Wave 9x 6 original oil painting by vladimirmesheryakov, $199.99

maia negre, truly an amazing artist.

art that brings the ocean to me

Jason de Graaf - hyperrealist painter

Saatchi Online Artist: Teresa Cline; Acrylic, Painting "Ocean Moods twenty one"

Impasto Tulips

Ocean art

Original Impasto Oil 8x10 Classic White by IronsideImpastos

Oil Paintings by Andre Kohn Oil paint is my favourite to work with, you can see the amazing results people can create with it.


Charcoal drawing

Paintings by Mark Chadwick entitled Henri Michaux. Great dynamic use of colors. I wonder how he made these.

CARMELO BLANDINO...Since 2005, the paintings of Carmelo Blandino have derived an as yet inexhaustible wealth of visual splendour and emotional resonance from flowers. He has rigorously refined an approach one might call “urban baroque”, carefully combining to maximum effect the sublime subtleties of classical oil painting with the crackling energy of contemporary spray-paint-and–stencils street styles.

love this painting

Beautiful Autumn Painting

Leonid Afremov - "Running Towards Love". | Fauvism - Art movement characterized by the use of pure color that emerged in Paris in the early twentieth century. "Henri Matisse is the most important figure of fauvism."

One of the most beautiful things on earth. The surface of underwater. I could look at it for hours... if I was a mermaid.

watercolors - Not sure why, but makes me think of Paige so I wanted to share.