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"I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air. - Nathaniel Hawthorne ~ Photo: Gary Conner

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Leaf Maze and Labyrinth for Kids

leaf maze - happy hooligans - fall leaf play, outdoor fall activities

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Sunday Photo: Autumn Beauty

Autumn Swing...take your family to celebrate fall in the beauty of the midwest color

August 26: rusticate \ RUHS-ti-keyt \, verb; 1. to go to the country. 2. to stay or sojourn in the country. 3. to send to or domicile in the country. 4. to make rustic, as persons or manners. 5. to finish (a wall surface) so as to produce or suggest rustication. 6. British. to suspend (a student) from a university as punishment.

This picture is a perfect taste of fall. When I was very little my Grandfather grew a garden every year and by the time fall rolled around his garden would be full of big pumpkins to carve for Halloween. My Grandmother would use some pumpkin for Thanksgiving pumpkin pie... yum. I always loved gathering the leaves into a pile then jumping in the pile. One year for Halloween we bought jack-o-lantern looking garbage bags and filled them with raked leaves and placed them on the back porch steps.

cute Fall Children's poem about raking leaves in Autumn. Great for classroom reading activities. common core first 1st grade, second 2nd grade, third 3rd grade reading #ESL


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<3 - I had a tree like this in the front yard of my childhood home - it was beautiful every fall - but I hated to rake the leaves!

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Rake Head Wreath ... This repurposed decor has quite a story to tell! After a lifetime of raking up autumn leaves, the handle broke in half and this hard working tool was reused as a trellis for nasturtiums to climb up. After the last of the handle rotted away, its final resting place is now on the wall as a decorative wreath. | The Micro Gardener

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Suncatching Fall Leaf Turkey Craft

Fall Leaf Turkey Craft - using old CDs and fallen leaves to make a great Thanksgiving or seasonal craft

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Beautiful Autumn Wallpapers

love the leaves