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The U.S. Constitution is an inspired document, but it is inspired by the evil one to give men a belief that they have input and say in the government that governs them. The truth of this is that the government enslaves mankind but now because of the Constitution they are able to do so covertly so that it is not seen. It is therefore, an inspired document, and an evil one, which is used to limit rights and to promote a totalitarian government designed....VIDEO and ARTICLE:

If you desire to have true freedom you must begin by opting out of the systems that work against you. Stop voting because the governments only fear is that one day you will realize you do not need them. Realize all governments are your captors, you are not free, but opting out of everything that has to do with them will make their corruption come to a halt. Protesting in the streets has never worked, the only thing that comes from that is more of your freedoms taken away. Opt out!

Governments rule over others and govern them, taking away freedoms and restricting their actions. This is one of the reasons that they work so hard to divide their own people and split citizenry into differing factions. In this way, the people will quarrel and fight against one another instead of looking to the true instigators of problems.

The U.S. Constitution was not written to protect your rights, it is for the purpose of the government in taking your rights and constricting and restricting your rights, it is a contract giving government power over your life. It is the Great LIE.

Indoctrinations of freedom and patriotism for your country only works against you. The one Achilles heel which the elite have... is belief. If those who are a part of the system begin to see it for what it truly is, then the system will be overthrown and the elite will no longer rule over masses as they have done and there will be no 'one world rule' and there will be freedom for those who live upon the earth. Stop participating in voting and opt out all government programs.

There can be no True Freedom when regulation and taxation are used to manipulate masses of people to do the will of a corrupt government.

Gun control

Gun control

Phone calls are too dangerous…

Gun control

It is easier for the world to accept a simple lie than a complex truth. ~Alexis de Tocqueville#Quote Read me, Teach me!

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