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sew feminine!

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Free quilt pattern from Good way to use jelly roll where some fabrics you love, and some you want cut in small shapes.

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tutorial: Southern Belle

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Lincoln - vintage Schnibbles This pattern has so many possibilities

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Missouri Quilt Block Patterns | For the hunter star block you will need two contrasting star colors ...

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click to enlarge YOUR FREE PATTERN: click to enlarge Leaves adrift

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more hearty good wishes quilt - Google Search

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~40" diameter. Ten sweet bunnies show off their tails which use chenille fabric 'you' make. Stacked appliqué is completed while quilting to make this a quick

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Raining Cats & Dogs by Bunny Hill Designs.

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Week37 'Around & Around' a fun baby quilt design using Dr Seuss fabric in red, white and blue. This is a very simple quilt to make and can easily be made by the beginning quilter. Each block is made using 12 half square triangles, 6 from each of two contrasting fabrics. I constructed this quilt using 32 blocks each measuring 9" x 6" finished and placing a sashing vertically only. This makes the 'Cat In The Hat' look like he's climbing a wall or column. It almost gives it a 3-D effect.

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Bunny Hill designs

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"Tiny Town," by Bunny Hill Designs