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  • Helen Moore

    Well, theyre trying to ruin it already. Your trusty Pinterest boards are being infiltrated by scammers who are using the insular, aesthetically pleasing site to trick you into giving up information for the promise of some free swag. Luckily, the Internet community is catching on quickly. Mashable spoke to an online security expert who said Pinterests atmosphere of trust allows scammers to target consumers more directly (think: offers for the most covetable electronics or luxury han

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Pinterest News - As Pinterest tops 20 million users, and businesses and marketeers are dreaming up imaginative and creative ways to push products and services, there's probably a dark room full of spammers putting together the latest plot to target you - right now!!

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Do not get scammed by the "your PC has a virus" con artists - learn to tell the signs of the telephone scammers. They are getting really cunning with their lies and many people are falling for it.

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Infographic highlight InsightsOne's Bad Ad Survey results. The most offensive kinds of Internet ads are: Pop-up ads – 70% Lottery scams – 70% Male enhancement ads – 66% Emails from deceased African leaders who have left them money – 64% Ads for products and services they do not need – 58% Female enhancement ads – 54%

Scams, much like viral cat videos, are a staple of the Internet. Even the savviest of Internet users can still get tangled in the web's latest harmful trick -- such as these 10 highlighted from the past year. The Better Business Bureau has released this infographic, charting the biggest consu...