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Mini Fabric Lamps

One of the very first things I ever "pinned" were these "Lamp Shades on a String" from Rebeccas DIY. They have been on my to-make list for months. When I first found this little project, it was only written in Swedish but I think she has an English version now. These are so cute and actually... Read...
  • Cindy Petersen

    Taylor Made: Mini Fabric Lamps This is such a cute idea! So simple and fun.

  • Tina C

    Make mini fabric lamps with paper cups and fabric

  • Fly Me To The Moon Florists

    DIY Mini Fabric Lamps - Taylor Made #crafts #diy

  • Beth Rosler

    Taylor Made: Mini Fabric Lamps .... Christmas lights, plastic cups, fabric scraps, mod podge

  • Allison Mero

    FUN STRING LIGHTS: Mini Fabric Lamps. (Fabric Scraps, Lights, Mod Podge and Clear Cups.)

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DIY fabric art tutorial on such an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your walls! #hgtvhomemagic #homedecor

glass to mini vase with a balloon. cute. ^_^

Shoebox Marker Caddy:Aunt Peaches Everyone has a shoebox and everyone has TP rolls. So everyone should have a marker caddy by 3pm this afternoon! Also, i you haven’t been to Aunt Peaches website before, you really should. She loves glitter and tells the best stories that she types with her Southern accent.

1. take a huge balloon, lots of doilies, and some wallpaper glue 2. blow up the balloon, and paint the glue onto the doilies so that they're soaked. 3. tie the balloon on a string. make sure all of the doilies are overlapping so that they stick 4. put on an extra coat of glue and let it dry for at least 24 hours. pop the balloon and you're ready to go :)

Decorating Tips for a Dorm Room For the kiddos, one day, that I know is coming way too soon for me.

Custom wall letter, with whole name on letter! And I love the name Kennedy!

This original link is for dorm rooms but I just think this idea would be great for a bedroom too. Love that Tiffany Blue color ^^

How to paint a lampshade. If the lamp already has color to it paint it with white primer (Kilz) then use the color of your choice. You can also use stencils easily for a pattern if you use spray paint!

diy art canvas - could do flowers or butterflies, but the concept of three different colors with the pattern spreading to all three canvases is cool

I am so diggin' this idea. I have non ribbed shades so I'm tempted between Mr & Mrs (one on each side of the bed) or maybe a cute saying like "Always kiss me goodnight" since it's the last thing you see before lights out. Oh the possibilities....