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    Photographer Navid Baraty said, "Watching the pace and flow of New York City from above is amazing. The constant stream of yellow taxis lining the avenues, the waves of pedestrians hurriedly crossing with the change of traffic signals, little figures disappearing into and emerging from the subway stations, the chorus of honking horns and sirens. It's all so rhythmic and strangely soothing to watch.""Intersection | NYC" Photo by Navid Baraty

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    Stunning Photography by Navid Baraty

  • Nancy Hamel

    Aerial photography: 30 epic and wonderful photos you�ll never forget

  • Anzhelika German

    Aerial View of New York City #photo @photography #Newyork #US

  • Siobhain Callighan

    Stomach Dropping Photos Of New York City Streets

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    Urban photography: Intersection by Navid Baraty

  • JMonty

    Many people know the feeling. You’re high up in the air, standing on top of a building or cliff and, even if you don’t want to, you’re compelled to look down at the drop before you. The wind is in your face and ears. Faint sounds travel up from the ground far below. Then suddenly you feel woozy, as if you’re going to topple over at any moment. It’s a relief to step back from the edge and be sure of the surface beneath your feet again. Unless that is, you’re Navid Baraty, a photographer who doesn

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Chelsea Market Chelsea Market is an enclosed urban food court, shopping mall, office building and television production facility located in the Chelsea neighborhood of the borough of Manhattan, in New York City. 75 9th Avenue