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One of the few tattoos I would even consider getting..

Been thinking about getting a tiny star tattoo on my pinky - maybe a grouping of 3 really tiny ones would be cool. Whoever did these stars sure did an amazing job :)!

the placement Phillip Michael's Interpretation: OMG OMFG awesome wicked cool exotic great-shape buff women stunning stunningly beautiful gorgeous reality Cathedral Worship Goddess heaven Hot Girlfriend style radiant beauty

Finger tattoos. I kind of like the idea of getting a music note on the inside of my finger....but also there's a peace sign, or a flamingo....

Love the rings and the tats but I don't think I would have so many of each. A little tacky

no anchors! but the ship's wheel makes me think of being a kid in sleepy hollow and that one awesome playground with the pirate ship, also oceans and boats and stuffs.

permanent accessory - finger tattoo - but in the shape of the tiny heart ring from Melanie Bauer and on my right hand ring finger.

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These are so cute but I don't want finger tatts words on inner fingers yes but not on top