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    Turtles, Girdles, and Yo-yos!

    5 & Dime Store

    Dime Store - Love the wood floors and the shopping baskets---brings back memories! The dime stores I remember always smelled good, too!

    I was a Camp Fire Girl!

    Those were the good old days

    I still have grandma's red one in my kitchen.

    Dear Diary ...I got mine from TG.

    Cake decorations from the grocery store.

    Pony ride...while your mom shopped at the grocery store

    General Store

    Many stores had a Coke box when I was young.

    I have this stool from grandma's kitchen. Used to sit in it as a high chair. Now it's in my kitchen

    Tupperware popsicle makers. Grandma always made these

    Little Red Riding Hood Doll. Flip it over for Grandma. Pull her bonnet down for the Wolf.....Oh my gosh! I still have this!!!


    miss this!!! and all that goes with it.....

    Hawaiian Punch

    :) Grandma used to always buy us these. God, they've got to be outlawed by now, I can still smell the chemicals

    Corner markets and Green stamps

    Remember these?

    Remember the library "check out" card?