Socket Hider

Cover wall outlets with scrapbook paper

A cool place to hide

use real branches


Key chain/holder from old seatbelt buckles - now that's cool! Perfect diy boyfriend gift idea.

Behind the Couch Outlet: An outlet with plugs that come out the side. Perfect for outlets stuck behind desks and couches!

I need one of these. Should be easy to make...

A genius kitchen design idea

Now here's a thought...Laundry right in closet; put clean clothes away right after they're done washing!

done with that crib?

Paper roses

What a great idea, but would only work if your basement stairs are not right underneath.

So clever!

Note to self...if you ever build or remodel - use recessed outlets so that the plugs dont stick out from the wall. This allows furniture to be flat against the wall.

Wireless speakers/lights that screw into any light socket and streams your iPod/Pad/Phone.

AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad for when i do my best thinking! Best thing in the world!

Extension cord in the wall

Wrap around body pillow. I want one so bad!