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    In Alma, this restored mining town brings back artifacts and 60+ authentic buildings. Photo by: J.S. Petralito

  • John "JP" Petralito

    South Park City in Alam, Colorado. A re-creation of a mining town. All buildings are authentic with many donated artifacts. A must see. Photo by: J.S. Petralito 5/10/2012

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Arizona Ghost Town...Photo by: J.S. Petralito

ghost town you think it's haunted?

Ashcroft- Colorado Ghost Town - I am going to CO on vacation this Sat (062312) - any info on great ghost towns near Colorado Springs?

South Park City in Alma, Co. An 1880's recreation of an old mining town. Photo by: J.S. Petralito 5/10/2012

exploring a ghost town in Colorado. Sign me up to look around this place

Location: Craco, Italy Abandoned since: 1963 Story: Built on a rocky peak, the purpose of Craco was to be hard won by the enemies. However, setting the city on a rock, began to pose a threat to its integrity. After earthquakes and landslides, Craco was abandoned, and people descended on a lower land. Today the city is great for researching, and there can be found a number of interesting churches, such as “Santa Monica Stella “.

Island Hashima (Ghost Island), Japan Abandoned since 1974, Mitsubishi built this remote island around a large coal deposit, where is housed 5,000 residents. Today it has a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, and tourists are free to roam this empty ghost town. COOL!

Kolmanskop, Namibia Abandoned since: 1954 The Desert city was built when the Germans discovered great mineral wealth in the region. They built a city in a German style, theater, ballroom, and a tram system, the first in Africa. The desert has swallowed the city after the miners moved away. The Sand has flooded the houses, covered the streets and slowly erased the signs of civilization.

Location: Pripyat, Ukraine (100 km away from Kiev) Abandoned Since: 1986 ---- [THE 10 GHOST TOWNS IN THE WORLD – PART 1]