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Scissor Sisters' logo was designed by the band's guitarist Scott "Babydaddy" Hoffman in 2001, immediately after frontman Jake Shears came up with the band name (itself a slang term for lesbianism). "He told it to me, and I made the logo the next day," recalls Hoffman.

Designed by Atlantic Records VP and creative art director Bob Defrin, AC/DC's now-legendary logo made its debut on the international edition of 'Let There Be Rock.' It is one of four logos in our Top 50 to feature lightning bolts, the others being Kiss, Metallica, and The Grateful Dead. Interestingly, designer Gerard Huerta based the typeface on writing he'd first seen the Gutenberg Bible - the first ever printed book.

In 1993, Prince threw off his moniker and "became" this unpronounceable logo - termed the "Love Symbol" - which incorporates the glyphs for Mars (male) and Venus (female). Cleverly, he even turned it into several custom guitars.