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scrapbook ideas.. How cool is that? I don't usually advocate taking paint samples for ulterior purposes, but this may be cool enough to do. :)

punch designs out of paint sample cards from the paint store to get gradation of a particular color

Fun with leaves

Fun with leaves

Fun with leaves

Sunny Side Up: Getting ready for next year : Dorm decoration...I bet this would be pretty with landscapes too. Like america the beautiful...purple mountains majesty and amber waves of grain!!

That's a neat cute idea, write on a plate and just stick it in the oven 30 min


Paint Chip Art

Paint Chip Art: Punch a few shapes in paint chips, pepper them on a piece of paper, and frame it for an awesome piece of art.

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Circle punch tricks with Aly Dosdal...and one more!

Punch a circle, and then place only part of the circle back into the punch to create leaf and petal shapes.