Seriously. Boys have all the good costumes.

♥ so funny

Dying omg

mrs nesbit!!!

Baby Halloween Costume! Bahahahahaha!

omg.. my mom should have done this with me.

This is the most hilarious baby Halloween costume known to humanity.

I see all 4 actually. The two back legs look like they're on the wall, and the front leg is also on the white cement, making the horse look like he is crossing his front legs.

haha this is hilarious

FACT: this is the best halloween costume. SO CUTE.

Awesome kids costumes. I'm thinking Landon should be Harry this year and Edward Scissorhands next year...

25 Hilarious Notes Written by kids...HILARIOUS!!

Too true

i just died

Nacho Libre: funny kid costume idea!

party time. excellent.

weezy baby?


too funny! i sure hope this kids name is Wilson.

Nacho Libre Halloween Costume