Leica M8.2 Safari Edition

Camera Porn to the MAX - my friend’s Leica Safari Edition. Unlike other limited edition Leicas White, etc etc) this one is absolutely gorgeous in person. The olive green is superbly.

Leica bag

Leica Brown Leather Camera Outfit Case - this photo costs more than my car.

Jane Fonda - "Barbarella" - Roger Vadim  (1968)


Jane Fonda for Barbarella directed by Roger Vadim, Photo by David Hurn

De 1947

SALE Vintage 1947 Graflex Pacemaker Crown Land used one in camera club in high School

La Sardina from Lomography limited edition by Fred Perry.

To commemorate Fred Perry’s anniversary, they’ve teamed up with Lomography photo to create this limited edition camera. The camera comes with an aperture of shutter speed of and film.