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Give him his Oscar!!!! I'm gonna scream!!!!

Yes, John Barrowman belongs on this list too. Hollywood has completely sold out to the lowest standards. Crap movies are far more common than watchable ones.

Emma Watson

Jensen Ackles - Dean Winchester - Supernatural.

Jensen Ackles

good lord

Stephen Amell AND Jensen Ackles?? Yes, please.

Chris evans and Chris Pratt are angels

*wicked smile*

Is this true???

I think I just had a heart attack because god damn this picture

This is why I love Harry potter.

Real magic God I love this guy. NF

Elijah! He defines what a eldest brother should be! The spin off show to "vampire diaries" - the originals

Scott Disick, everybody

Jennifer Lawrence, everyone.

Jennifer Lawrence pumping gas while her Dad flips off the paparazzi. Priceless!

Steve Carell has been around for a while…

The Average Women Faces In Different Countries

Jared and Gen - emotional ♥

Nathan Fillion on his fan t-shirt.

RDJ from rock bottom to the "top" really knows whats important. If any star was to be admired it him

Meanwhile, Misha.