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Text messages decoded

Funny pictures about Text messages decoded. Oh, and cool pics about Text messages decoded. Also, Text messages decoded photos.

I felt this every time I tried looking for knick-knacks with my name on them while on vacation. And failed.

OMG, I used to say I couldn't find a keychain with my name on it, all the time. So hilarious. I love my name, keychain or not.

So true...

Brotip - stop for a second and consider this: you can literally do whatever the fuck you want.

Reminds me of psych class. Kid was snoring in class, and the professor woke him and asked "were you sleeping or praying for me?" Kid answered, deadpan, "praying for you, sir."

Brotip - 'If you're ever caught sleeping in class, slowly raise your head and say, "amen".

funny pictures that will make your jaw drop laughing

30 Funny Pictures That Will Make Your Jaw Drop Laughing

Yes,yes we do! relatable post # 259 Our generation doesn't ring the doorbell.We text or call to say we're outside.

then leo shouldn't have died!

That awkward moment when you find out Titanic was filmed in a plastic pool, and your whole life is an illusion. - i didn't know that it was filmed in a pool til just now! and it has ruined EVERYTHING!


brotip - never make decisions when you're angry or horny.

Watching reruns of Fresh Prince makes me feel like a little kid again! Had to repost this, lol!

This is Perhaps the Best Use of Emoticons I've Ever Seen

Emoji Story - Will Smith! Fresh prince of bel air theme song


I wanted to show you how I have already lost 24 pounds from a new natural weight loss product and want others to benefit aswell. - Dont have Sex. You will get Pregnant Die. -Mean Girls Dont have Sex. You will get Pregnant Die. -Mean Girls

hahaha, people who love this should start a club together.. #funny..

Pls no. Thx.

No Cash, No Hope, No Jobs. We must protect Kevin Bacon! Not so funny if "No Bacon" actually means "No Food".