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  • kai black

    These Teacup Pigs Playing With TINY Things Are Just Too Cute For Words! : PetFlow Blog – The most interesting news for pet parents around the world. | Pet News that interests you! Please SHARE with friends and family!

  • Elizabeth Vacheresse💜

    My next pet! Tea Cup Pigs

  • sydney Dahl

    this little pig went in a basket and this little pig followed

  • Caitlin L

    "HOGS IN A HANDBASKET: Miniature pigs only grow to about 14 inches long, but they have plenty of other things going for them." I've always secretly wanted a mini pig.

  • Shahara Tiatia

    I'll have baby pigs for my pets :) they are so cute!

  • Chrissy Dittmer

    Heidi, I know I like animals more than you, but look at the tiny fluffy baby piggies with their tiny little fluffy baby piggy ears.

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FARMHOUSE – ANIMALS – black piggies! I cannot get over how cute pigs are!

I love how pigs have that smug little look on their faces! Too cute!

A baby pig would be such a fun pet!

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Piggies! (KO) Hey guys, isn't that our farmer coming this way? And he's bringing our breakfast? Charge!

Christina Childress Childress & Robertson : Cute : Pig in a Blanket

Happy Pig. Cause sometimes I feel things getting too "dark" and while I am a fan of the aesthetics of the dark side, I am not so dark myself, and at a certain point you need an antidote to ward of the feeling that that which you are invoking might appear. this pig is the antidote, metaphorically speaking.

"I tell RJ every time we talk about our country house dream that I want a pig. && the fact that he use to have one as a kid so glad he agrees." So cute

Cute but crazy wild and fast! When I was young my mom thought little pigs were cute so we borrowed one from a family friend, wrapped it up in a huge box and gave it to her for her birthday as a joke. Wish there had been a camera recording all of us chase it around the house after it hopped out of the box. LOL

I will have a miniature pig one day.

Cute Pet Pig In The Snow - the red and black spotted piggies are my favorite ones :)