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    Kit-In Box desktop pet bed

    • Chris Crookall

      A uselss invention. Cats don't sit on your keybord/books because they lack another place to lay down, they do it because they know you want to use that thing.

    • Tiffany Jacobs

      Kitt-In Box GENIUS! My cat is always getting in my way when I am sitting at my desk. This is the puuurfect solution!

    • Maria Puig

      The Kitt-In Box is a cat bed which can attach to the side of a desk or be placed on top it. Felt pads protect the desk top. Cats are drawn to the soft cushion bed and the high walls, which are perfect for nesting. The Kitt-In Box can support a 20 lbs cat and even small dogs!

    • Wanda

      This very unique and convenient daybed allows your cat to be nearby without interfering. Simply clamp the bed onto the side of your desk (desk side must be at least 2" thick, cannot be glass) and enjoy the company. The cat bed can also be placed directly on top of your desktop by removing the clamp (bottom felt pads protect your desk's surface). $40.00

    • Viv Emerald

      Kitty Box office - We all know how frustrating it can be when your cat decides that out of the whole house that your keyboard is the perfect place to nap!

    • Amyalohio F.

      "Give Your Cat A Place To Rest Other Than Your Keyboard" (I would like to see if the cat actually uses this. Cats like to be the center of attention. I hope it swivels, if the cat is too fat it will break since. This is hanging halfway off the desk)

    • Errikos Artdesign

      The Kitt-In Box is a cat bed which can attach to the side of a desk or be placed on top it.

    • Bryony White

      Think we can get 6??? Just like it???? All my animals want to be in my lap 24/7!!!

    • Srita. AnD

      Cat nesting box keeps your pet close and comfy while you work...super idea :)

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