unique southern wedding

bridesmaids dress idea

wdym there is a picture of rat's wedding on the "everything" category... haha @Rachelle Schmid

Bridesmaid dresses!

Perfectly mismatched

Love this dress!

Bridesmaids in the groomsmen's jackets, this is so cute :)

what a beautiful bridal party

love the different dresses.

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Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses...great idea. Give them the color scheme and let them pick out what they want to wear/spend and feel comfortable in. Also fabric would be nice too.. love this!

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great bridal party

You always see pictures of just the bride's gown, I like this of the gown with the bridesmaid's dresses!

gorgeous gray!

SO simple SO pretty

like the color

This is a lush idea! Not sure I could deal with my bridesmaids being in white as well though!

I love the diversity of these bridesmaids dresses

Get clutches for each of your bridesmaids and create a DIY survival kit for the day inside them.