Love these geometric watercolor pieces by Serena Mitnik-Miller (via the fab mr. bazaar http://brightbazaar.blogspot.com/2012/08/serena-mitnik-miller-watercolours.html)

Might be cool to paint a background like this if you are going to have people take pictures :) I wanna see your peacock... Turn into a stencil?



Create a tree using each of the water colour techniques. Salt, dabbing, splatter, wet into wet, etc.

From Etsy. I wish I could paint animals like this. I'm definitely going to draw some inspiration from it in my future watercolor experiments.


Christine Lindstrom "Fragile"

Peacock watercolor #AllAboutTheColor#OPIEuroCentrale #YoureSuchABudaPest

Geoffrey Johnson

suzanne siegel watercolor

Lourdes Sanchez-anemones 2014-watercolor, detail

Jan Harbon #watercolour

watercolor flowers

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Watercolor peacock


i need to get out my watercolors.

classic watercolor paintings