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Poliahu is the Hawaiian snow goddess. She is the presiding spirit of Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii.  Her name means 'caress'. According to Hawaiian lore, Poliahu inhabits Mauna Kea, the greatest volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her home is Pu'u Poliahu, a hill near the summit. To the ancient Hawaiians, this was sacred ground.

Isis, Egyptian Goddess of Magic he Egyptian goddess Isis remained popular in Egyptian mythology even in the days of the Romans and Greeks. Today Isis is worshipped in many Pagan and Wiccan circles and the temple of Isis remains a popular icon to this ancient Egyptian goddess. The popularity of this ancient Egyptian goddess seems to know no bounds and her name has even been assumed by an adult film star, Isis

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Kim Taylor Reece "Makaki'i" 11 X 14 Double Matted Hawaiian Hula Print

"Makaki'i. Kim Taylor Reece, Hawaii’s foremost fine art photographer, has been studying hula kahiko for nearly 30 years. A catalyst of Hawaii’s Cultural Renaissance, his photography captures the myste

Haumea is the Hawaiian Great Earth Goddess, sometimes equated with La'iLa'i, the first woman. Her children are said to have been born from different parts of her body, which befits an Earth Goddess. She is associated with Food Supply, Marriage, Birth, and Rebirth. She is called Haumea "of mysterious forms, of eightfold forms, of four hundred thousand forms." There is no single word haumea in Hawaiian, but hau can mean "a ruler" and mea can mean "reddish (like red earth)."

The Goddess of the hot springs at Bath, England (the only hot springs in Britain), Sulis's name come from a root meaning "eye" or "gap", referring both to the spring from where half a million gallons of hot water still well up every day, as well as to Her powers as seeress. art by Thalia Took