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Furby. It talked, and it was kinda scary, but I loved it

Yes, these things. Slap them to walls for about 4.5 seconds, then get bored with them. They would then get covered in icky matter and lose their sticking power...

When I was little we had an arcade in our mall, pocket change, and I used to get these every single weekend after I won all my tickets and spent most of them.. When you had a few left lol these were the little popping things i got

90s Toys We Should've Brought To College | Study Breaks

80s and 90s Toys | 55 Toys And Games That Will Make ’90s Girls Super Nostalgic My Kids had these!!!!!!

A great walk down memory lane with some of my favorite toys growing up in the 90's. Like Polly Pockets! Oh nostalgia, you get me every time

35 things you will never see again... but you'll want to tell your kids about -- this is SPOT ON. you have to look at this

LOL Furbies were the creepiest 90's toy EVER!!!! You hid it under a pile of blankets in a closet so you couldn't hear it and several weeks later discover it and just when you think it's finally dead it opens its bug eyes and says hi!

toys from 1990's | old Childhood Memories / Doodle Bear 1990's toys

90s Vending Machine Stickers. I still have my old discman with the stickers "brat" and "whatever"