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    Latvian band, with brocade. Tablet woven by Irene Lyng

    Latvian tablet woven band from the book Latvian sashes, belts and bands. Marijke van Epen

    Birch bark pack

    Tablet woven band in 3-colour float weave. Marijke van Epen

    nice tablet weaving

    Tablet woven by Lia de Thornegge

    This 5-colour pebble weave band is woven with tablets by Marijke van Epen

    Birka brocaded band B20 (Kobolds Kerkerbastelei). Most tablet woven trim found in Birka or other Norse settlements are narrow, ~1.5cm, made with thin silk thread, brocaded in gold or silver. That is the main reason they were preserved, due to the presence of metal which inhibits bacterial growth and deterioration. They are NOT 4 cm wide belts made with worsted wool.

    Double-faced tablet woven band from Sulawesi. The pattern area is threaded with one black and three yellow threads

    tablet woven band in 3/1 broken twill. made by Freerk Wortman

    Brocaded band by Jan de Vries from a photo from Peter Collingwood's book The Techniques of Tablet Weaving.

    Tablet woven band, based on a Coptic Original. Marijke van Epen

    Tablet-woven bands with a mixture of historic and original motifs

    Card Weaving by Candace Crockett teaches you how to produce exquisitely patterned woven bands using simple cardboard squares. $24.95 #tablet_weaving

    One of the tablet woven bands from the Hochdorf find. 3/1 broken twill and warp floats. Marijke van Epen

    Trimmings tablet woven by creaconlemani on Etsy

    Weaving a copy of an Iron Age band -probably cuffs- from Brødbæk in Denmark using white and painted plastic tablets. Tablet woven by Lise Ræder Knudsen

    Inspired by the small Oseberg-band 12 L 1 tablet woven by aisling

    Variation of another Hochdorf band, woven with two threads per tablet. Marijke van Epen

    Mammen tablet woven by Anne Gammelby