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Latvian band, with brocade. Tablet woven by Irene Lyng

My heritage. Latvia, archaeology  costume 12th century

Latvian band designs

Patterned Sámi Bands - Media - Weaving Today This article includes downloadable instructions for weaving these patterns on an inkle loom.

Tutorial- Warp Floats Galore - "S" design on a yurt band border.

Beautiful tablet woven leg wraps (has various names in Russian - onuchi, portyanki podvertki)

Tablet woven band in 3/1 broken twill. The motiv is from Oseberg a brocaded band which is not tablet woven.

Another way to use your tablet woven bands

*Replica tablet woven braids

Reconstructed brocaded band from St. Truiden, Belgium tablet woven by aisling

Trimmings tablet woven by creaconlemani on Etsy

Tablet Woven Egyptian Diagonals Band - Have to try card weaving one of these days.

Halberstadt - band from the altar cloth. a complex threaded-in pattern with brocading tablet woven by aisling

Photo of Latavian bands Tablet Woven are the Bands M + V

Latvian tablet woven band from the book Latvian sashes, belts and bands. Marijke van Epen

Various tablet-woven bands based on historical patterns

Six threads per tablet by KurtFML, via Flickr __ tablet weaving

woven bands, Finland

Brocaded band - the original is half the width Tablet woven by Heather English

Tablet woven band, Finnish iron age, Kaukola kekomäki. Woven by Mervi Pasanen