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    I have 3 of these. I need at least one more. The Container Store > Tea Bag Storage Container

    Artisan Glass Canisters with Oak Lids: look just like the ones from West Elm (but have 2 different wood tones, light and dark) and a little cheaper!

    This gives me an idea to reuse hundreds of scrap paper left in the classroom. Kids can draw and write on it. Or, for any reminders or notes kids should know. I can't wait to do this in August.

    skinny free standing cabinet for laundry area powder room.

    Stretchy Bowl Covers - so much easier than Saran wrap Brilliant idea! I hate having lids everywhere!

    Glass Slant Jar with Metal Lid $10 and made in the USA! Usually I see these for a much steeper price, so I had to pin it.

    Bought two of these today. One for pan lids and one for cookie sheets & cutting boards. It worked great for both!!

    Glass Food Containers--make the switch from plastic to glass for food storage. I don't bother buying fancy containers for $5-$10 each...I buy a box of Bell jars used for canning and use those!

    No More Clingwrap! French company Charles Viancin (whose slogan is, "Inspired by nature") has come up with these organic-looking, silicone lids styled after lily pads. What they do is rather amazing; they seal tight, as in airtight and watertight, on any pan or bowl or container with a smooth, non-porous rim. Steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, melamine, glazed ceramic, it doesn't matter, a Lily Pad lid will seal it up so tightly, you can even lift the whole thing up by the pink "bloom" on the lid.