They were all such dorky kids.

Neville's most memorable lines.



harry potter tumblr----too damn funny <<< I'm a Harry Potter fan but it's not my only fandom. The demigod in me does not like to see dam spelt that way.

love it.

Snaps <3

I love Mean Girls quotes incorporated into other, completely opposite things. I love it.

love HP. Sad its over - love this photo idea


Totally wild and crazy...Like father like son? Aaand, Adrian was born on the same day as his character, James Potter!

Should have been in the movie

I would be Hermione

Awwww yeah, boiiii.

<3 neville.


I would get that in a heart beat.

THIS. I don't... i can't even....

Nerd Girl Problem! If you were a nerdy girl you would realise that you can only get your acceptance letter to hogwarts when you are 11! But you should never give up hope, there is always a possibility of an adventure!