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    Note how the Sun’s face gets darker toward the center and brighter toward the edge – meaning in reality the center is bright and the edge dimmer. This is called limb-darkening (the opposite of limb-brightening seen in some gas clouds), and occurs because gas around the Sun absorbs its light. We look through more of it near the edge than toward the center, so there’s less light coming from the limb of the Sun.

  • Exposure Guide Photography Tips

    Alan Friedman’s Detailed Photos of the Sun Taken From His Backyard

  • surreal_anatomy

    Alan Friedman Alan Friedman is a photographer with a passion for astronomy. Working out of his studio in downtown Buffalo, NY, Friedman makes high-resolution photographs of the sun, moon, planets and the bright sky.

  • Circle Circle

    The Sun #sun #planet #photograph #black #white #space

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Geometric Landscape

Total eclipse..., Kannyakumari, India, Jan 2010 (rotated) // ph. Harald Haugan

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