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What Personality Trait Makes You Unforgettable To People?

This image here is not rule of thirds because the picture is all centered and mostly straight forward on the face and only the face.

♡Fantasy face makeup& Masquerade Mask

Would make a beautiful Halloween Mask. a-t-n: Photography by Yan Mcline.

masks - how about having the entire wedding party in masks - mardi gras wedding - LOL

“Your true face. What kind of. face is it? I wonder. The face under the mask. your true face?” ― Child on the Moon

O, thou art fairer than the evening air clad in the beauty of a thousand stars. ~ Christopher Marlowe

Freckles are harmless tan spots usually found on the face and torso of people with fair complexion. During wintertime, freckles fade but exposure to sunlight


Crimson Rose by Midnight Masquerade Masks artist Katrina Pallon.But I'am Movin On Without This And My Mask.Looking For My First And Last Love Of Red.

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We can all be seen to hide behind a mask of sorts at times, and a mask can hide ones true identity. Masks can be both physical and mental, whichever you hide behind have a look through this great roundup of masked photography.