FLYING OVER AMERICA. This is flippin fantastic!!! Real film + animation for a look at our great country like you have never seen before. You will love it. Enjoy :))

Tour the World - Official Music Video - YouTube It's the sequel to MarblestheBrainStore's music video of the United States! My 4th graders loved that one; I can't wait to show this one to my students this year!

Map of the United States- answer the questions. This November NO PREP Packet for 3rd Grade is FILLED with hands-on, engaging and FUN resources that cover core skills for 3rd Grade!

Show kids that plants will grow towards the light by making a plant shoebox maze. credit: Plants for Kids. I also want to do a garden in a glass box so kids can see what goes on underneath. Part of science and discovery center. Can have them guess at the beginning what will happen and then document what is going on.

FREE MAPS~ This site has all kinds of map resources-- map outlines, map graphics, reading a map-- and so much more. Fore example, you'll also find resources for teaching about economics, geography, and culture. If you teach social studies, take a minute to check out this site!

I learned this song in 6th grade and never forgot it 12 years later! Perfect for teaching the 50 states!

FREE US State Worksheets! These are great for K-5th graders learning about the United States in school. Use them in homeschool, state reports, summer vacations, and more.

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