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Newborn Two-toed Sloth Rests on Mother\'s Tummy at Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain. Photo provided by Loro Parque

Albino Sloth

The Sloth. An animal found in the rainforests of Costa Rica, often feared for their claws and mocked for their slow nature. In fact, sloths are some of the w.

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Oso perezoso / Sloth Photo by Alejandro Montiel -- National Geographic Your…


Homer, a Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth, was born in 1992 and arrived at the Detroit Zoo in Visitors can spot him – moving verrrry slowly – in the Immersion Gallery at the National Amphibian Conservation Center.

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This woman saved 200 sloth and living with them. The cute sloth's are getting their own park soon. Save nature and respect other animals. We respect Monique Pool.

Sloths — Cute Overload

Important sloth news: Discovery's Animal Planet channel is doing the right thing and giving them their own show.

How To Draw A Sloth - Step-by-Step Tutorial

how-to-draw-a-sloth-step-by-step - Belt is our favourite character in The Croods!

Baby three-toed sloth hugging a stuffed panda in a Trio indigenous community

Picture: Baby three-toed sloth hugging a stuffed panda in a Trio indigenous community in Suriname



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The Biomimicry Manual: What Can Sloths Teach Us About Energy Efficiency?...

Sloth symbiosis can bioinspire energy efficiency and human industrial ecosystem design. Biomimicry is another great idea, like a baby sloth in a bucket!

female three-toed sloth swims

a new side to the sloths of Panama A three-toed sloth lounges in Bryson's boat watching Bryson prepare his equipment. Each sloth has a different personality, with this sloth being the most friendly Bryson has encountered.