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  • Amanda Gaetano

    I used to rotate who got to sleep next to me so nobody's feelings got hurt... True story

  • Jessica Ritsch

    haha so true, except every stuffed animal. not just teddy bears

  • Paige Westerfield

    Stuffed animals. I can't believe I found this on Pintrest. I had a lot of animals and I was always stressed out at bedtime about my turn taking system of who got to sleep next to me. I wanted to be fair. Now I'm an adult who cringes at consuming cow milk meant for the calf (nevermind eating the calf or cow) and too many other things out of sync with the culture to mention here. It all started with the stuffed animals for me.

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hahaha! Me too, I was like how is the cat putting that pole in its mouth!

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I've never had something sum up my current emotions so well. And this, makes me thankful. Almost to tears.

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