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Calli is a rescue. A rescue animal is a forever grateful animal. She's my sweet fat brat. She's huge but still my little baby. All pets should be rescues. Even my companion angel is a rescue. Stop buying animals from stores and go to a shelter or rescue from the street. Too many precious babies need homes and end up put down. Rescue an animal and fill your heart with their paw prints. They'll love you forever.

if you are looking for a new pet, PLEASE, PLEASE visit your local shelter....... rescue your forever friend!!! PLEASE spread the word! @susansabophotography captured the beauty you can find.

Animals in need. We are blessed to ave so many animals. It is hard sometimes to afford the vet bills, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Rescue pets are so amazing. They just want to make you happy. Next time you think you want a dog or a cat, try going to a local rescue center. All pets deserve love and attention. Make a positive difference tat will last a life and adopt a rescue pet.

Animal rescue My least favorite..."We're having a baby, so we have to give up the dog we've had for the past 9 years."

Young at Heart Pet Rescue is dedicated to the following goals: -Rescuing stray and relinquished senior animals from animal shelters who have not been adopted and are scheduled to be euthanized. Young at Heart takes the animals who are considered “too old” for traditional shelters and rescues and ...

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