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❤ sorority sugar IN LOVE ❤ Totally cute & custom ~ choose your ink color, college, city, state and 2 of the following: Bid Day, Initiation Date, Chapter, Big Name, Little Name, or any other detail you would like on your pillow. What a fabulous graduation keepsake gift, big/little sugar, or new member giftie!! xoxo ❤ SORORITEE ❤

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cute cooler ☺

Have the VP of New Member Ed to send these out to all of the babies' parents

The schedule displayed on the wall. So cute!!

During the first chapter of the year, pass a calendar around for everyone to sign on the date of their birthday. Recognize each sister on their birthday in a special way.

Love ♥

Fun with bobby pins

To the crescent moon and back ♥

Subway Art "Sister". $35.00, via Etsy.

Love my friends


greek life is very challenging and disappointments happen from pre-recruitment through graduation. check out the top 13 things mentally healthy greek girls don’t do with faced with sorority life’s ups and downs! ♥ BLOG LINK: sororitysugar.tum...

∆∆∆ ‘merica!

so cute

love it!


letters today, leaders tomorrow


I'm thankful for my sisters ...

YESSS... Except I need a Tri Delta ♥

We love boots, football, and each other. Delta Love ♥


Keep Calm and TRI DELTA!

Peace, Love, Tri Delta